Balor Demon

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An awesome miniature for your fantasy TTRPG and D&D games: A balor demon wielding a powerful axe!

The model is printed in a high-quality resin printer, so you can see all of the extraordinary details without rough layer lines. Perfect for Dungeons and Dragons 5e, displaying in your home, or as a gift for a fantasy gaming enthusiast!

This tabletop collectible model comes in several options, so there's plenty of flexibility for your game and needs:
- Ready-to-assemble parts (fastest option!) We'll print, cure and clean everything for you. You get to assemble and paint!
- Unpainted fully assembled and primed with a flat matte primer so it’s ready to paint!
- Assembled AND painted! At an insane deal, we'll fully assemble, cure, clean and paint the demon. You'll get a ready-to-use, beautiful model!

*Premium Bases!*
- For an additional fee, the model can come with a premium base, as shown here. The standard base is a resin-printed boulder, as shown in the model picture. Contact us for pricing.

Model takes 2-3 weeks to print, assemble and prime. Painting and basing will add additional time. We’ll stay in close communication with you so you can stay informed and see the magic happen!

This beautiful model was crafted by Duncan Shadow Louca (

(See another model online you want? We take requests! Just send us the STL file, and we'll discuss pricing and timing options!)