The Scaled Tarrasque

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The Sultan of Scales.

The King of Crush.

The Colossus of Carnage.

The Titan of Terror.

It’s known by many names, but few things in creation are more feared than The Great Tarrasque!

Ready to wipe out your world map and start anew? Haven’t been able to challenge your players enough? Think your PCs are way too OP?

This monster is the last stop you’ll ever need. Don’t bother calculating CR. This’ll do.


Large: 76.74 x 71.11 x 48.64mm
138.12 x 127.99 x 87.54mm

: 2
13.32 x 145.89 x 230.2mm
Colossal: 306.96 x 284.45 x 194.53mm


This 3D Model crafted by the amazing folks at Lord of the Print! Check them out here:

(See another model online you want? We take requests! Just send us the STL file, and we'll discuss pricing and timing options!)