Back in Action

Back in Action

First things, first: in honor of our official reopening, everything in the shop is 10% off! The discount is applied automatically at checkout, so please enjoy.

Want to read what's been going on at Anima? Keep on reading!


Well this has been a weird old time, hasn't it?

A global pandemic, being quarantined at home, and my daughter is about to be born! It's been, to say the least, wild.

Here at Anima this coronavirus has been extremely challenging, especially since we're only 5 months old as a business! While our health has thankfully not been affected since we're adhering strictly to stay-at-home orders, we've definitely learned some really important lessons from the problems we've encountered.

After weeks of struggling to get supplies, fighting through weird / low quality printing resins, and fighting to get minis shipped out quickly, I came to a pretty clear conclusion: there has to be a better way.

First, I want to thank everyone for their patience as we've been working hard to get prints out the door. We're just about caught up! We've given away dozens of free minis as a thank you for waiting. All of your kind words have helped us get through this! If you haven't received your minis yet, don't worry: they'll be on their way soon. You'll get email updates as soon as they are printed and shipping.


Website Redesign

If you've been here before I'm sure you noticed: we redesigned the website! We aimed to find something that was easier to navigate, simpler on the eyes, and offered a clean aesthetic. Lots more updates to come, which the next announcement will help give us the bandwidth we need to get them done. Hope you like it!

New Fulfillment Strategy

We knew there had to be a better way to continue to offer a huge, unique selection of miniatures for tabletop games, while maintaining the high quality that is so important to me personally, and getting them shipped as fast as possible. With that in mind, we started searching for partners who could help us deliver on that experience. After testing miniatures and comparing to what we do here, we finally find a partner (Shapeways) who we'll be using immediately for fulfillment of a majority of our miniatures! The quality of the miniatures is as good as, or in some cases surpasses, our own... and the prices stay the same!

Starting immediately as a part of our re-opening, a majority of our smaller-sized miniatures will be printed using Shapeways, while the large scale miniatures (like the Tarrasque) will be created through us still! This will give us more time to focus on creating the big epic miniatures that you all love to see, at a scale that most miniature shops simply don't offer.

Bonus: More Minis!

Being able to shift some of our attention to other things outside of printing means we can add even more models to our lineup, partner with more modelers, and get you more options to choose from, including the brand new custom miniatures that will come in our upcoming Kickstarter, The Crystal Corruption.

We're thrilled about what this means you get:

  • A rapidly growing selection of high-quality miniatures
  • A rapid turnaround time
  • A unique offering of statue-sized, display-worthy "miniatures"

Reopening Sale

To celebrate this, until May 8th, everything in the store is 10% off! The discount will be applied automatically at checkout.

Stay safe, stay healthy, happy gaming, and may all your 20s be natural!

- Anthony