The Crystal Corruption: a 5th Edition Adventure (PDF)

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A 5th Edition adventure for 4-6 players, taking them from level 1-10 and beyond.

Note: This is a digital download PDF only.

Physical books are in production and will be available for purchase in 2024.

This adventure guide contains:

  • 2 Unique Character Ancestries:
    • Corrupted Stoneborn
    • The Curators
  • 5 Epic New Subclasses: 
    • Corrupted Brawler (Fighter)
    • Way of the Enlightened Archive (Monk)
    • Chronomancer Arcane Tradition (Wizard)
    • Contramagus (Rogue)
    • Dragoon (Fighter)
  • A custom mini-game called Escape! which can be played in or out of character. (Designed by our incredible friend Michael "Stems" Edwards!)
  • The Raid Guide: A guide to crafting epic custom dungeon experiences
  • Magic items: More than 20 custom magic items, including powerful world-changing artifacts. And also a magic chair.
  • Guide to Irindor: Background on Ozamer and the surrounding nations to offer expanded play opportunities in the world
  • Unique adventure hooks to keep the adventure feeling fresh for years
  • Custom character backgrounds and secrets
  • Faction and Guild guides
  • Custom weather and disaster effects and random tables
  • 3 different ways to play Ulfgar, the antagonist of the campaign: The Politician, The Provoker or The Juggernaut
  • And so much more!

The Adventure:

A holy relic has been stolen from the temple of powerful, vengeful Fey, and now their curse threatens to destroy the lands of Ozamer. In the homeland of the Dwarves, a place of ancient underground roads, myriad people and epic monsters, a plague is spreading. The afflicted move from mild fever to hallucinations to madness in a matter of days. Despite the efforts of the best spellmasters, the corruption spreads like wildfire, consuming all in its path, leaving only glittering, hungering abominations in its wake. As the wave of crystalline growth spreads through the continent, threatening to spread to all of Irindor, the thief who stole the relic carries on with his darker, more dangerous plan: to fulfill an all-but-forgotten prophecy, and awaken a slumbering titan.