Launch and early changes!

So, we’re live!

The end of 2019 brought our official launch, our first sale, and several excellent learning experiences. What a time to be alive!

The response to our Instagram posts has been heartwarming. The community has been amazing and I’m so excited to create more and better offerings so everyone can get amazing minis for their tabletop games, personal collections, or office decorations.

First of all: thank you! Every mini you let us put on your table supports us doing what we love, and that’s pretty amazing. If you’ve bought a mini from us, you’re a hero.

Second, a small change to the site! Right out of the gate, we noticed folks were gravitating to the unassembled options over the assembled ones. Presumably, because of the price difference. There’s only one problem: assembling 3D prints is a TON of work. It requires filling gaps, dealing with warping, and lots of nit-picky stuff to make sure the model looks really good. If you don’t know how to do that, you might end up wasting money and ruining your model. That would be a HUGE bummer. So, I’ve removed the assembly options from the store AND reduced the price of the assembled minis. It’s still a little more expensive, but I wanted to make sure that no matter what our customers end up with a product they absolutely love. I can’t in good conscience do anything else. That being said: if you still want an unassembled version of a print to save on cost and you’re comfortable with knowing you’ll have to make generous use of kneadatite (green stuff) and do some texturing to fill in potential gaps, just send me a message and we’ll make it happen at the reduced price. :)

What’s next?

TONS of models. We’ve got several major modelers who have given us so much to work with and we want to get them in your hands and on your tables!

Soon: affordable mini starter kits. These will be 20-50 minis in a single set to get you started, with options to have them fully-painted. 

Also: Sizing charts! Every product will soon have sizing charts so it’s super easy to see what exactly you’re getting if you aren’t familiar with D&D’s sizing attributes.

Finally: A massive giveaway. We want to promote more sales and more folks finding our store and social profiles. In exchange, we’re going to giveaway several fully-painted models, including a massive surprise model... :)

Stay tuned, and thanks for being amazing ❤️

- Anthony, Owner of Anima Games